Vinnova project and PPP

Vinnova RGB ramIn December 2014, Vinnova granted 1.5 Million SEK to a strategic initiative, our Wildlife Security - The Smart Savannah. The project lasted for about a year, where two workshops were the main events. There were about ten Swedish companies joining our efforts with different in-kind contributions.
Following a technological feasibility study performed in early 2014, the technical development is now centered on a control, command, communication and surveillance (C3S) system. The development of the C3 platform is funded internally at LiU. It is based on smartphones and tablets with an app that is being developed in partnership with iHub, a Kenyan ICT company, which under LiU’s guidance will design user interaction, training programs, support and maintenance. 
The Vinnova project aims at integrating hardware in the C3S system in partnership with a wide range of Swedish technology companies, Vinnova has approved funding for this phase. This phase will focus on adding the surveillance functionality to the C3 system by integrating products and services from Swedish companies. Ngulia and its testbed at Kolmården Zoo are demonstrator environments. In this phase, LiU will lead the development of the C3S software and sensor fusion algorithms. A series of field tests were conducted at Kolmården Zoo, with the goal that the Swedish private sector, academy and institutes together can develop an innovative and sustainable model for wildlife protection.
Our partners during this project were:
Kolmården Zoo, SAAB, AXIS, FLIR, Termisk Systemteknik, Perimeterlarm, Superfly, Mowana Media, Flexenclosure and HiQ.