3D modeling


3d black

A 3D model has several uses:

  • Replay of scenarios from arbitrary camera positions
  • Simulating UAV trajectories with realistic background, also with added 3D models or animals
  • Design of appropriate camera positions, and other sensor systems with spatial coverage
  • Planning of UAV missions to avoid obstacles and get adequate coverage
  • Visualization, exploration and entertainment

To generate a 3D model, we used a UAV to generate thousands of high resolution still pictures, from which a complete 3D model of the savannah was generated using bundle adjustment algorithms. A simulated fly-over of An example of the model is shown below. 

3D model of Kolmården savannah

Another use is to design new constructions. Below, we illustrate the suggestion for the new lodge display of the project, which is now in place. 

kolm lodge







 A more speculative example is shown below, where a future research center is visualised, including how the savannah view from the meeting room would look like.

interior 2view